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File Transfer Direct

Axway File Transfer Direct – Ad hoc MFT Made Simple and Secure

Yang intinya dengan menggunakan axway ini, akan menggabungkan email server dengan ftp. sehingga file attachment yg di email itu maksimal 5mega saja. maka dengan menambahkan fitur ini bisa melakukan file attachment hingga tak ditentukan, ya bisa lah file DVD di attach.hehehe 

spengetahuanku penggabungan antara email dengan ftp
dan sdh saya praktekkan. topologi sperti dibawah ini.
sumber :  http://www.axway.com

Axway File Transfer Direct combines ease-of-use and convenience for the end user with enterprise-class large file transfer capabilities and policy-based governance. Leveraging the email clients or Web browser people already use, File Transfer Direct:

  • Provides an easy-to-use interface for sending large files, and the security, policy controls and visibility you need to protect your data – all in a solution that scales with business needs from department-level to enterprise-wide
  • Minimizes risk and liability by proactively monitoring email attachments, automatically enforcing communications and security policies, and concretely demonstrating compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Extend communications to trusted partners efficiently and securely with recipient identification, authentication and authorization, while still enforcing corporate policy and maintaining a complete audit trail with delivery confirmation
  • Eliminates the temptation to resort to unmanaged, unsecured FTP servers, off-the-radar email accounts, and physical media alternatives such as burning CDs and thumb drives by supporting large file attachments (up to 50GB) from within an email client
  • Cuts overall IT costs by lightening the management burden on IT staff and reducing email server, network, and storage requirements
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