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Troubleshot DNS

Sabtu 18 Okt 2008,
mulai pukul 07:00 q dh dsibukkan DNS lg error g bisa resolv
pada saat tak nslookup muncul comment “Server Failed”
arrgggghhhhh, kira2 5 jam dah tak uprek g ktm2 jg..

wadow pusing de…
ada referensi ketmu deh :
nah distu bs dpelajari buat referensi jg…
sisi DNSq yg tak disable

//zone “.” {
// type slave;

//file “slave/root.slave”;
// masters {
// };
// notify no;


C:\>nslookup http://www.yahoo.com
Server: ns1.sby.pesat.net.id

Non-authoritative answer:
Name: http://www.yahoo-ht3.akadns.net
Aliases: http://www.yahoo.com

terus MRTG monitoring jg mati<error pisan,. arggghhh salah apa ini
reboot apache
/usr/local/etc/rc.d/apache restart

Lancar deh…

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